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Admission, classes and fees

Admission – who can learn?

PJSM is open to students of all ages, race, religions and nationality.
It is not a must that the students should have prior knowledge of Indian classical Music. The faculty encourages all students to learn music, whether they are beginners or advanced level.
Also, students are not required to know any specific Indian language. The faculty welcomes students from diverse backgrounds including nationality.

However, in line with PJSM’s mission and value system, the faculty upholds the following principles:

First and foremost, the students must have the commitment, dedication, determination and open mind to learning music. Continuity and regularity to learning music is essential and critical. Students will need to be committed to putting in honest efforts into learning and rehearsing the music taught by the Gurus.

Respect and humility towards Indian classical music as well as the Gurus is a hall mark of ‘Guru-Shishya parampara’.  All musical instruments such as Harmonium, Tanpura, Tabla etc. are treated as sacred.  Showing disrespect to musical instruments as well as Gurus/Faculty is against the principles and value system of the school.  Actions such as, showing feet towards the musical instruments and Gurus, walking into the school with shoes on, are considered as being disrespectful.

Equal opportunity for advancement:  All students are equal. The school respects all musicians and music lovers. The school will treat all students alike i.e. as students of Indian classical music, irrespective of the age (young or old), professional background (professional or home makers), or levels (beginner or advanced).  Equal, ample and appropriate opportunities will be provided to all the students for advancing their skills and interests in Indian Classical Music.

Levels and classes:

It will be the Guru’s (Faculty) prerogative to decide the placement of a student within existing groups/batches after gauging the level of the student

It will be up to the Guru to promote or upgrade any student for the next level group/batch, after considering the progress of the student

Guru will reserve the right to dismiss any student, or allow re-joining if any student leaves

Classes will be held regularly as per the schedule.  However, it will be up to the Guru to offer make-up classes for those students who miss any class due to personal or other reasons (eg. weather).   The decision to offer the make-up class on another day or time will be determined by the Guru.

Class timings for groups will be determined by the Guru taking into account the time slots available with the Guru as well as availability of the student.

It will be the Guru’s decision to consider individual classes for some students. Only those students, who are judged as being at advanced level by the Guru, will be considered for the individual classes.

Classes category:  

    Group Classes:  once/week for 45 minutes
    Children’s beginner group class: once/week for 30 minutes
    Individual classes: once/week for 45 minutes
    Phone or skype classes for students outside of Atlanta (only available for those who are musically advanced students as determined by the Guru)


As per the Guru Shishya Parampara, one cannot put a monetary value to the music that one gains at PJSM Atlanta.  The opportunity to learn Indian classical music itself is invaluable.

With this in mind, PJSM Atlanta has set up a reasonable fee structure that goes to cover the school operation and management.  However, it is to be noted that the fees is subject to periodic review and revision by the Gurus, as is the case with any educational institution management.

The fees will be paid on a monthly basis before the 10th of every month either by cash or by check issued in the name of Pandit Jasraj School of Music or PJSM.



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